Take a Mindfulness Break From Your Electronics

July 10, 2019

For many people, being separated from their Smartphone, laptop or other electronic device can actually be stressful.  Research has shown that for many people fear of being disconnected from their cell phone can feel just as real as a substance addiction; the feeling of withdrawal when the phone is not available or compulsive or repetitive need to check it.  It is estimated that the averaged......
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Practicing Mindfulness

June 21, 2019

Mindfulness: It’s about being present; not in the future, not in the past, but being fully aware in the moment. Sounds nice, but how do you do it? Here are a few tips to focus on – right now: Notice your breathing. Fast? Slow? Notice the rise and fall of a breath. Imagine a sleeping baby as its stomach rises and falls. Notice sights, sounds,......
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How to Incorporate Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life

March 3, 2019

Often times in a busy world, people forget to smell the roses. Mindfulness is an important concept to practice in calming an overactive brain. Research has shown utilizing mindfulness techniques can decrease stress and improve an individuals’ emotional and physical well – being. Mindfulness is being truly present to one’s surroundings and being fully engaged. The key to practicing mindfulness is being mindful of your......
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