Three benefits to taking a walk this spring!

April 9, 2019

Spring time is a great time to take a walk By: Cheryl M. Becker, LMFT, ATR-BC   Consider a walk to clear your mind.  Walking is a great way to engage in self care.  There are also many healthy benefits to walking. Walking can improve your mood: Regular walking modifies your nervous system to help decrease negative feelings. Walking with a friend can provide even......
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How to Incorporate Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life

March 3, 2019

Often times in a busy world, people forget to smell the roses. Mindfulness is an important concept to practice in calming an overactive brain. Research has shown utilizing mindfulness techniques can decrease stress and improve an individuals’ emotional and physical well – being. Mindfulness is being truly present to one’s surroundings and being fully engaged. The key to practicing mindfulness is being mindful of your......
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